Crafty Wonderland is an art and craft extravaganza that takes place on the second Sunday of every month. I was so excited that it was happening the week I planned to go to Portland!

Crafty Wonderland is free to attend, and runs from 11 am to 4 pm at the Doug Fir Lounge.

The Doug Fir Lounge shares a property with the Jupiter Hotel, a boutique hotel which I did not stay at but looks really fun and has great rates. The event takes place in the downstairs of the Doug Fir Lounge where bands perform many nights of the week (Bat for Lashes recently performed, and Ben Kweller was set to perform the week of my trip). Logs and stone are used throughout along with modern accessories and fixtures (see more pics here). This made everything so cozy (This is the view to the right as you come down the stairs. The total space is about double this)...

Since it is a small space, most vendors are limited to a 4X4 booth so as many vendors as possible will be able to participate. Even with the limited number of vendors, I found so many great things!...

stuffed screenprinted deers, embellished hair combs, and a daisy bobby pin from Oh My Deer!

She used a popcorn bag to package all the items up in, which I thought was really cute...

turquoise and red flower bobby pins and a mint necklace with a pair of birds by Happycake...

All of Happycake's jewelry is made from vintage items. If you'd like to purchase some of the pieces to use for one of your fun projects, check out her other shop Happycakes supplies.

zippered pouch and elastic headband from Kitten Camaro

The fabric on the bag is by 1970's artist, Robert Van Allen. She said she bought all the bolts that had been unearthed from an old factory. She said he was "obscure" and I didn't realize how much so until I went searching for more info about him online. There isn't much to be had other than a few blogs that mention him, and information from the girl that sold me my bag. I love the print on this pillow from one of her etsy shops.

necklace by Sugarland by Leda to Leda

I love how she used a hand stamped "thank you" sticker on the bag to keep it closed. Very cute touch!

block with spool of yarn and felted house magnet by shamui

layered smashed bottle cap necklace by Christopher Reitmaier

girl feeding birds print by Hadley Hutton

two birds necklace and vintage key necklace by Giant Jewels

letter pressed labels and modern stones print by lulu dee

three handmade soaps by Cerulea Bath and Body

After I was finished shopping at the show, I went upstairs and had lunch in the Doug Fir Lounge. The super nice bartender spent a ton of time going over the menu and I decided on the eggs benedict. I had to take a picture it was so good!! The lime-chili hollandaise was really what made it extra special. I paired it with a Mirror Pond Deschutes. I had wanted to get a Fat Tire as I had tried one in Arizona a few years back and really liked it. But, the bartender recommended the Mirror Pond - great recommendation!

On the way to Crafty Wonderland, I jumped on the MAX at Pioneer Square going east and hopped off at the stop after Oak (I want to say this is Burnside). There were some steps a few feet away that took me up to the Burnside Bridge which I crossed.

The Doug Fir Lounge was only a few more blocks on the right. The Shops were closed since it was Sunday, but I couldn't help but stop and take a picture of the beautiful artwork hanging on the wall inside Frank James. Via the Frank James website, I discovered the artist is Michelle Ramin.

If you would like to purchase some of Michelle's artwork, you can do so through her etsy shop.

It turns out Frank James is open on Sunday, but a short time after I was passing by (12-5pm). I didn't see the store open as I was leaving since I didn't walk back across the bridge. I was headed to my next destination. I'll share that interesting stop with you in my next post...


  1. That's so funny. I just finished reading about the fair through Colette Patterns blog.
    I would fly to Portland for the fair!

  2. It was so much fun! I was hoping to go to the Portland Saturday Market too, but my flight leaves too early. One of the vendors at Crafty Wonderland said there are a ton of crafters that participate in the Saturday Market each week. I want to say she said like 200, but that might be an exaggeration :) Oh well, I got enough at this show so I probably didn't need to spend more at the other show anyways! It would've been so much fun to look, though!

  3. Thanks for the info! Portland will be added to my list of places to go, along with Seattle (for the market), SF (French Laundry), and LA (fabric district). My poor husband-he comes with me to all of my adventures.

    Love the things you picked out at the craft fair. You have such a good eye.

    And, I want to apologize for not answering. I meant to write you back, just can't find the time! I am a big crafter. Love making invitations, and Christmas cards, sewing clothes for my daughter, and making baby things, tutus, bibs, and shoes.
    But, my main passion is baking. I bake to eat! I am so crazy I search for cupcake bake shops every city I visit.
    That's pretty much me in a nutshell! :)