There were two stores outside of downtown that I wanted to visit while in Portland - Knittn' Kitten and Yarnia. Knittn' Kitten is a vintage fabric and craft supply store and at Yarnia you can pick the fiber, weight, and color(s) of yarn from the stocked shelves to design your own custom blend of yarn. These two stores were not close to each other at all, but I made it to both in the same day by taking a bus that dropped me off near Knittn' Kitten, walking to Yarnia, then taking another bus back to my hotel. There was a bus I believe I could've taken from Knittn' Kitten to Yarnia, but I wasn't very familiar with the system and they were doing some temporary changes with the stops so I felt more comfortable walking. It was a long walk (about 4 miles), but most of it was through nice neighbors and I found a place to stop for lunch along the way.

I'm a little spoiled with the huge thrift store I have near my house, so I didn't find as much as expected at Knittn' Kitten. It was still a fun adventure, and I did pick up some nubby grey fabric with turquoise flecks, a couple packs of turquoise bias tape, vintage patterns, and some yellow and turquoise plastic rings that I'm hoping to pair with ribbon to make a necklace.

It's probably best to go into Yarnia knowing what you will be doing with the yarn so you know how much to get. I didn't have any idea, but I still had a fun time picking out the colors for my yarn. Once the colors are picked, they get sucked in and wound by a crazy looking machine. In no time at all, you have a spool of your own custom yarn. The only thing I wish is that Yarnia could ply the yarn so that it could be used for other applications other than just immediately knitting or crocheting with it.

Knittn' Kitten
7530 N.E. Glisan St.
Portland, OR 97213

4183 S.E. Division
Portland, OR 97202

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