santa monica pier and third street promenade

I didn't have access to wireless for a few days, but am back home and able to post more about my trip to Los Angeles.

After driving up the Pacific Coast Highway, I dropped the car off at the hotel and walked to the Santa Monica pier. There were street performers, cheesy tourist shops, and some carnival rides. I wasn't too impressed but felt with the history of the pier that it was something I wanted to see. I walked to the end and back picking up some postcards along the way then walked a few blocks down to Third Street Promenade, which is a three block shopping stretch on Third Street between Broadway and Wilshire that is blocked off to motor traffic. The stores were mostly chains, but it was a fun atmosphere with all the lights in the trees and plethora of street performers.

I stopped in at Pinkberry for a frozen yogurt to enjoy while I walked and window shopped.

I had never had one of these famous yogurts before so the friendly guy behind the counter gave me samples of a few of the flavors offered so I could choose my favorite. I ended up deciding on the pomegranate and original swirled together. While they had many toppings to choose from (fresh fruits, nuts, candies), I left my plain so I could truly enjoy the full taste of the yogurt. The guy just couldn't let me get away with that and wanted to make my first pinkberry extra special so he placed a raspberry right on top.

I thought the clean decor and modern chairs added to the experience.

I tried to search for who makes the chairs and was unsuccessful, but did find quite a few articles on some of the other locations chairs being from Modernica or Philippe Starck for Kartell and in the $250-$500 price range. That's a lot for a chair at a yogurt shop, but I noticed so I guess it was worth it!

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