housewarming gift (a.k.a. "port-a-party")

The fabulous Amy over at M-Dashing always has something clever to share and does so in such a witty way you're constantly wishing for more. Another couple of witty folks, Mat and Guerrin, stop by M-Dashing to guest post every once and awhile and I absolutely loved what they shared in their most recent visit...a quite unique housewarming gift or "port-a-party" as they call it. Part of the ingredients to make Sangria are mixed together in mason jars. The other ingredients are provided to the hosts along with a pitcher of flowers, which turns into a finished pitcher of Sangria once all the ingredients are mixed together!...

I can't think of a more fun and interesting housewarming gift! To read the full post and get directions to make your own "port-a-party," head here.


  1. What a lovely blog! And a great gift idea.

  2. Aw, thanks so much! I love it when Mat and Guerrin guest post for me. Did you hear that they just got picked up by Apartment Therapy?? Check out their first few posts here:

    So proud.