handmade party blowers

Martha Stewart shares instructions for how to make your own handmade party blowers...
The directions call for plastic paper straws, however, we think patterned paper straws make these much more fun!

Tools and Materials:
- patterned paper straws
- vellum
- double-sided sheet adhesive
- scissors
- decorative paper (similar weight to copy paper)
- clear tape
- pencil
- rubber band
- white glue
- decorative tape

1. To make the stem, cut a straw to measure 6 inches long. Cut a 2-inch-wide strip of vellum to the same length, and cut double-sided sheet adhesive to the same size. Apply adhesive to vellum, but do not remove the second protective backing. Curl the vellum strip around the straw, and mark the point where one long end of the strip contacts the other. Cut the strip at the mark, making it just the right width to cover the straw. Remove the protective backing from the adhesive, and slowly and evenly roll the vellum onto the straw, smoothing out any bubbles as you go.
2. Cut a 2-by-10-inch rectangle of decorative paper for the tongue. Fold the long sides of the paper in to meet along the center. Cover the seam with a length of clear tape, then fold over about 1/4 inch of one end, and fix it with tape. When taping seams, keep in mind that when finished, the tube will need to be airtight. Starting at the sealed end, roll the tongue tightly around a pencil, and wrap a rubber band around it to keep it coiled. Leave the rubber band wrapped around the tongue for at least a day.
3. Remove the rubber band from the tongue, which should remain coiled. Fold in the corners of the open end, as shown.
4. Dab a little white glue on the interiors of the folds and inside the opening. Slip the vellum-covered stem into the tongue. Apply pressure until the glue dries, and cover the joint with a piece of decorative tape.

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