Today I'm bundled up inside with -40 windchill outside (brr)! But, looking at the pastel hued Australian home of Interior Stylist, Emma O'Meara, has me feeling like Summer is right around the corner! The style of it is so fittingly described by Emma...


I love the unexpected use of cedar shingles on such a modern structure. And, of course the pop of color in the bubblegum pink door.

Architectural details like a sliding barn door and painted stairs are kept feeling sophisticated by maintaining some of the natural details like black iron and natural wood.   It's also so fun to see something like a barn door shown other than in a farmhouse style!

What a light filled kitchen! Imagine cooking breakfast with the sun streaming in! And, flinging open the patio doors on a beautiful night to entertain a few guests. 

The open living and kitchen area feels light and airy with the raw plywood ceiling above. I also love the collection of smaller rugs strewn about, including an animal hide, which adds additional warmth.

The dining room has the most "Palm Springs" of a vibe to me. White metal chairs look like they almost belong on a patio, but are brought up a notch with a mix of candy colored round velvet cushions. The composition of art on the wall, including the now iconic Kate Moss "Life is is a joke" print, is displayed in an interesting way. The geometric light above the table could be reconstructed by the plethora of DIY light projects around. And, how cute is the trio of pineapples on the table??! 

A bumped out half wall eliminates the need for a headboard and creates a ledge for artwork and a string of pearl plant. Collected vintage bedding from the thrift shop could re-create the eclectic bedding ensembles in both bedrooms. 

I've been so excited to see nods to 80's bathrooms appear all over in design lately! If you haven't gotten around to replacing the original tile and fixturing in your home, or just purchased a home that hadn't been updated, well you're in luck! Switch out a few accents like lighting, the mirror, or maybe the vanity and you'll feel like you have an all new modern space!

On the back patio is where you'd find me most days I imagine with a cold drink in hand lounging in a chair! The round astro turf rug is such a fun addition! And, adds some greenery where a small yard might lack. 

A closer inspection of the above photo draws my eye to the palm looking plant in the corner and brings me back to reality of the blustery weather outside. I have the same plant by my window, but it is not standing 4' tall and full of lush leaves. It sadly misses it's warm Atlanta weather and has lost most of its leaves. However, I am hopeful with the new leafy growth I see emerging, that it is embracing the cold just like I. Every time it has snowed this Winter, I have ran outside to play like a child. And, have welcomed in cold like today as an opportunity to make some soup and craft. I am confident the optimistic colors in Emma's home would be even more punctuated with a view out to a porch covered in windswept snow. 

What do you think? Are you inspired lately to inject some color into your home after what has been years of very neutral spaces?

All photos Nikole Ramsay via Homes to Love.

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