Rachel Craven's neutral home was featured in Domino magazine in 2017 and it still feels so relevant almost four years later. 

neutral living and dining room with rattan chairs and thin wood paneling above fireplace

What struck me most is how she described her home to Domino - She "doesn't love the word restraint. It feels too uptight. Minimal and spare are too cold. Describing her house (and her way of living) as pared down implies that there's something sacrificed or missing, which couldn't be further from the truth." She goes on to say, "I like to call it quiet. The world is so full of noise. Here, I think it's important to just embrace the quiet."

neutral kitchen with white cabinets, open shelving filled with collected antique bowls, and mint bar stools

open shelves in kitchen with collected antique and art pieces and black cutting board


1) Use color sparingly and focus instead on interesting textures

2) Seek out handmade goods and housewares 

3) Embrace nature - the greenery outside can become part of the view inside

4) Refuse excess - imposing guidelines to bring in only things that are handmade or vintage, for example, might seem restrictive, but it's actually freeing

neutral bohemian living room with open bookshelves with curated and collected antiques, fiddle leaf fig, plant on wood geometric stand, and fur throw on sofa

After painting my home white and my love for scouring vintage stores, this style is right up my alley! I do sure wish the custom Ramsey Condor lights featured in Rachel's home were available!

neutral bedroom with blush velvet pillows and gold wall sconces

neutral bohemian bedroom with light washed wood dresser, hooks on the walls with robes, and moroccan slippers

office with wood desk and leather chair, vase with pampas grass stems

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