I had some time to spare before the Wallflowers show, so I walked about a mile or so down to Martin Luther King Blvd., which runs perpindicular to Russell St. (the street my hotel was on. If you take a left on Martin Luther King and walk down I am guessing 6 or 7 blocks, you reach Scrap. They are a non-profit that sells arts, craft, school, and office supplies. I think it is a great concept, and I can see educators finding a lot of great uses for the offerings here. However, the average crafter probably needs to come to Scrap with a project in mind....alas, I walked away empty handed.

After leavings Scrap, I headed back the way I came on Martin Luther King and crossed over Russell St. going the opposite direction a couple of blocks. I stopped in at Union Rose, a lovely store selling locally made goods. I chatted with the shop owner while I shopped and really had an enjoyable time. I picked up...

A packages of gift hang tags that have lovely images from books on one side and "to:" and "from:" stamped on the other side. Each 15 count package has a theme - flower/fauna, birds, people, transport. The tags are made by Attic Journals.

I am always traveling for work and while I could pick my suitcase out from a mile away even though it is all black like everyone else's, I couldn't pass up this luggage tag by Mugwump.

This business card holder is also by Mugwump.

These sweet hair ties are tiny and won't fit in my hair, but will be a perfect add-on gift or present topper for one of my neices.

I typically wear chunky jewelry, however, was looking for something smaller that I could wear everyday. I thought this handmade "J" initial charm was perfect. Now all I need is a delicate silver chain to hang it on.

2915 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.
Portland, OR 97212

Union Rose
2023 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.
Portland, OR 97212

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