make your own gift or treat bags!

When I picked heart wrapping paper up around Valentines Day I knew it would become useful at some point for a craft project. It's time to shine came this weekend when I decided to try my hand at making my own gift/treat bags...

They come together pretty simply and could be made out of any paper...magazine pages, scrapbook paper, newspaper, old sheet music, vintage maps, etc. I wanted to be able to make them food safe so I created the measurements around small and medium glassine bags (the tutorial gives measurements for the small size and measurements for the medium size are in parentheses).

Cut a piece out of your paper of choice that measures 7 1/2" W X 6" H (10 1/2" W X 8 1/4" H).

Put paper on a flat surface right side up. Measure in 2 1/8" (2 5/8") on one side and 1 7/8" (2 7/8") on the other side making a light mark with a pencil at these spots.

Turn paper over and fold in at those marks.

Glue selvages together with a glue stick.

Cut off the top edge of what will be the bag with a decorative scissor.

Lay paper down right side up. Measure 1" from the bottom edge and make a light mark with a pencil.

Flip the bag over and fold over at that mark.

Unfold. Then, fold both corners in towards the just creased line.

Fold bottom of bag up to creased lined.

Glue along this just folded area.

Fold the bottom of the bag up towards itself and press until the glue has set a bit.

All done!

If you'd like to make your bags food safe as well, get small or medium glassine bags.

And, cut the tops off so the front is even with the back.

Insert the glassine bag into your just created paper bag and it is is now ready to fill with a tasty treat!

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