paper straw snowflake

Centsational Girl put a twist on the paper straw wreath from Woman's Day and made fabulous paper straw snowflakes for adorning packages...
- 5 pipe cleaners
- 4 striped paper straws cut in half for a total of 8 stems
- 24 beads
- center embellishment
- striped bakers twine

Take four pipe cleaners and twist them around each other at the center to form the basic snowflake shape. Next, cut your straws to desired length, allowing about one inch on top for the bead detail. Slide them on your snowflake.
Clip two inch sections from remaining pipe cleaner and twist around the ends, then add craft beads.
To cover the twisted center, add a little embellishment ~ you can find many variations at craft stores.
Wrap package in brown kraft paper, tie with red and white striped bakers twine, and affix a paper straw snowflake to the top.
To purchase striped paper straws and striped bakers twine to make your own paper straw snowflakes, visit the fort & field shop.

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