I have to admit I've fallen in love with the fiddle-leaf fig just like nearly everyone else.  What first drew me to the plant I kept seeing popping up on blogs and in magazines wasn't entirely the plant itself, it was the idea of potting a plant or tree in a basket, which is how the fiddle-leaf fig is most often shown.  Something about the natural texture of the basket with the tall stem and the lush waxy leaves creates such a nice balance.  Below are some beautiful examples shown in inviting spaces...

I've had my fiddle-leaf fig for about a year now and it's doing quite well so I think it's about time to pop his pot in a basket and give him a permanent home!  I hunted around to find the perfect one - My fig is still quite small so the basket can't be too tall or the lower leaves won't clear the top (12-14" high will probably be perfect) and I prefer the clean look of a basket without handles, although not all of the great options I found meet this requirement.  Here are some of my favorites...

Small 14.5" diameter X 11.8" high $38

Bangla Storage Basket from Room & Board
12" high X 16" diameter $60

Large 14" high X 14" diameter $40

Medium 14" high X 13" diameter $100

3 great sizes perfect for a fiddle-leaf fig!  
Small 11" X 11" $48, Medium 12" X 12" $56, Large 14" X 14" $65

Medium 12" high X 14" diameter $30

Large 14" high X 14" diameter $45

Medium 11" high X 12" diameter $35

Large 12-13" high X 12-13" diameter $98

Small 14" high X 15" diameter $24.99

All of the baskets above must be used just as an outer decorative layer, the fiddle-leaf fig still must be potted in another pot.  However, Terrain has an all-in-one option that relieves worry about water damaging the basket and also about finding the perfect fit particularly for the opening of the basket so the pot isn't too noticeable tucked inside.

Small 13" high X 11" diameter $38

What's your favorite?


  1. Really beautiful selection of baskets to use for plants - thanks.

    1. Thanks so much! I bought a woven belly basket for my sister for Christmas and it was absolutely perfect! https://connectedgoods.com/products/woven-weave-rice-belly-basket-white?variant=42719736596 I also saw some at Ikea this past visit that were just like many of the above and only $13! http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60322173/ Hope you find the perfect one for your fiddle leaf!