garden birthday party

I am loving this absolutely adorable garden party by Kelly Allison of kellyallison photography...

- garden veggies & strawberries
- snails'n cheese, also known as mac & cheese
- ladybug pizzas (Start with mini pitas or biscuit dough as the base, top with sauce and cheese. Split pepperoni for the wings, add olive for the head, and tuck a bit of basil underneath for a touch of flavor).
- beetle juice, also known as apple juice
- chocolate ants & mulch (trail mix made of chocolate raisins and cracklin' oat bran)
- And, cupcakes, of course! grassy cupcakes (green coconut frosting topped with paper butterfly worms) and dirt cupcakes (crushed oreos and gummy worms)

red and white striped paper straws, white paper cups, wooden forks, red and white striped bakers twine, and red and white gingham cupcake liners all from fort & field.

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