rectangular paper loaf pans

Just added to the shop...small and large rectangular paper baking loaf pans...
Disposable paper loaf pans require no pre-greasing or messy clean-ups and can be placed directly in the oven or on a cookie sheet. The decorative stripe and polka dot designs allow your baked item to go straight from the oven to table...or into someone's special hands as a gift! And, the paper loaf pans have so many more uses besides baking....serve popcorn, candies, or even a picnic lunch in the trays or use them as the base to wrap up a special gift!

photos by kellyallison photography for fort & field


  1. Is there a way to get lids for these? They are super cute.

  2. Hi there. So sorry it took so long to reply back. The paper loaf pans do not have lids that fit on them. So sorry. It could be very cute to wrap patterned tissue or wax paper around the pan and tie with bakers twine to protect the top of the loaf.