cupcake liner christmas tree toppers

There are so many more uses to cupcake liners than baking!...cupcake liner garland, cupcake liner accented gift wrap, and so much more! For Christmas, we are loving these cupcake liner Christmas trees...
Cupcake Liners
- Double Sided Tape
- Extra Long Toothpicks (or mini skewers)

Grab a regular sized cupcake liner. Fold liner in half. Fold in half again, creating a pie-like wedge. Tape the two flaps together using double sided tape, so that you have one solid triangle. Fold in half again. Tape again. Now you should have a tall skinny wedge that is 1/8 the size of your original circle. If your liner is now a flat triangle due to folding, fluff it up with your finger so that it makes a cone. Insert your toothpick through the center of your cone. Slide it down about half way. This is the bottom tier of your tree. Repeat folding steps 1 – 2 with another cupcake liner. Mixing in another pattern or color adds to the fun! Slide this onto your toothpick creating the middle tier. Repeat folding steps 1-2 with a third and final cupcake liner. Place this last liner on the top of your toothpick to complete your tree. Smush, crinkle and/or adjust layers until you’re satisfied with your tree. Insert into cupcake and enjoy!

For cupcake liners similar to those The Cake Blog used, find solid green cupcake liners and green and white polka dot cupcake liners in the fort & field shop.

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