Designed by Cacau Ribeiro Interiores, this loft in Brazil invites me in with a soothing neutral color palette, warmth from raw natural woods, textures from rattan and woven baskets, and an effortless combination of bohemian, mid-century, and modern. 

I so enjoy looking at inspiring spaces such as this to be able to envision some of the ideas


For example, in lieu of a typical tv stand, I have been considering a long low shelving unit the entire length of the wall underneath the windows. Not only would it hold the tv, but could also be used as impromptu bench seating layered with pillows, storage for chopped firewood, and display for books and collected antiques. My first thought was to piece together inexpensive units from Ikea like the Besta or Kallax in order to create the appearance of one long unit. However, after seeing the below living room, I think I'll wait to spy an antique piece. Possibly even an antique church pew could do the job? 

My sectional sofa is a fitting size for the living room, but quite large for the size of the round coffee table that currently pairs with it. I like the idea of pairing another smaller table (or two) of varying heights with it to increase the scale and allow all of those sitting to have a table in range. 

And, do you spy the fantastic wall sconce of what looks to be a mans head blowing a bubble?!

loft in Brazil with rattan accordian window shades, modern bohemian chair with attached neck pillow, basket with pillow, modern glass coffee table, vintage wood shelving unit underneath windows, needle punched pillows

vintage wood shelving unit under windowscorner of home with modern coat rack and curated pieces of art

The last thing I would want to do is install more curtains after just removing so many heavy drapes before painting - the view of the lake is so amazing with an unobstructed view! But, the living room does get a lot of bright sunlight, particularly in the morning. So, what a great idea it would be to make  an accordion free-standing screen out of rattan or cane that could be moved into place when needed.

I'm obsessed with having low bean-bag type seating in my main basement area in front of the fire for lounging similar to the striped triangle version below - more to come on that later! 

loft in Brazil with rattan accordian window shades, modern bohemian chair with attached neck pillow, basket with pillow, slouchy bohemian bean bag pillow, long vintage wood shelving unit along wall

How amazing is the leather hanging chair in the background?! Perfect for sipping coffee and reading a book on the porch!

mid-century modern side chairs in living room 

modern side chair with curved arm floor lamp, hanging modern cube leather chair, chess set, rattan window shadecorner of living room with tea set, modern wood block people, and hanging fabric pendant

open floor plan loft in Brazil with glass trunk side table and punched needle pillows

This kitchen with eat-in dining room has so much to love. I'll certainly be searching for the source of the circular ceramic modern pendant lights - such a fun display all grouped together in a line! The long wood peg rack is also perfect for not only display, but having handy, beautiful kitchen utensils.

open floor plan galley kitchen with eat-in dining table, under cabinet wine fridge, terra cotta hanging pendant lights, wood peg rack for kitchen utensils

galley kitchen with long wood peg rack for hanging kitchen utensils, pans, and hanging baskets

open floor plan with wood kitchen, floors, and paneled ceiling

Not sure I have enough room to dedicate an entire corner of my home for potting. But...I do have an attached screened in shed, which would make a great potting shed. 

potting area with workbench and shelves above, botanical prints clipped to wall, skylight

potting area with workbench and shelves above, botanical prints clipped to wall, skylight, lots of plants

While Minnesota's climate is a lot different than where I used to live in the South, I still get inspired by the lush feel of tropical plants grouped together, maybe best achieved here inside vs out.

loft in Brazil with layers of tropical plants in landscaping

discovered via Yellow Trace, design by Cacau Ribeiro Interiores, photos taken by Felipe Araujo

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