"Eco" gift wrapping is the idea of reusing/repurposing containers or wraps so as not to purchase new, which creates excess waste. Or, using wrappings and containers that can be reused after by the recipient, whereby again not creating excess waste. In itself, these are great reasons to adopt this idea! However, I also love the idea of whomever I am gifting to basically receiving an extra gift in the wrapping!


Christmas cookies stacked in reusable glass storage containers with wood lids and embellished with natural ribbon, a greenery sprig, and homemade gingerbread cookies cut into star shapes. 

 eco gift wrap w/ homemade Christmas cookies stacked in reusable glass storage containers with wood lids

Some sources for glass storage jars topped with wood lids: 1 / 2 / 3
glass storage jars with wood lidsWeck jars with wood lidsglass storage jar with beech wood lid

Furoshiki are a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods. This beautiful wrap has been widely adopted with the eco movement because the cloth can be reused later to dry dishes or wrap future gifts. And, the texture and the knot created when wrapping creates such a beautiful display! Natural fabric like linen can also be dyed as shown in this tutorial, creating the most beautiful neutrals and washed colors!

hand dyed linen for furoshiki gift wrap

The most common way to wrap is by knotting different corners of the fabric, however, a the fabric can also be folded similar to how you would wrap a tradition present, which is what this beautiful representation shows. The handmade flower topper would be sure to be displayed later in the recipients home!

neutral linen furoshiki wrapping with handmade flower topper

These muslin drawstring bags either drawn or stamped with Christmas images and words feel so Scandinavian! 

natural muslin drawstring bags stamped or drawn with Christmas images for eco gift wrap

A source for muslin drawstring bags here

Pick up vintage cookie tins all year round when in your favorite thrift store or while perusing garage sales so you have them handy when a gift wrapping need arises! I especially like the plaid Scotland-made tartanware containers!

eco gift wrap in vintage cookie tins

Don't pass up vintage cookie tins without the best of images! They can be spray painted solid colors or neutrals and embellished with pretty toppers. Or (who would have thought!)...decorated with pasta shapes in pretty patterns

vintage metal cookie tins spray painted and decorated with pasta shapes

Using what you already have on hand, instead of buying new, is a good way to keep your gift wrap eco! Kraft lunch bags are turned into the cutest gingerbread house gift bags by drawing on them with white paint markers or puff paint. 

gingerbread house gift bags made out of kraft lunch bags and white puff paint

Red & white striped bakers twine for closing up packages can be purchased here. A holiday staple for sure!

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