This year is already flying by (just like last year!) and before we know it Valentines Day will be here. My goal in 2019 is to get ahead of the game for at least some of the big holidays so I'm not scrambling at the last minute. Valentines projects can be time consuming because you need a lot of multiples - the actual "Valentines" and any additional packaging for candy. If you get to Valentines Day and haven't prepped, no need to fret! There are plenty of adorable printable Valentines (often-times free). But, here are 10 Valentines Day crafts I've narrowed down that I'm going to choose from to get started on now! Some are great for kids, others for girlfriends.

I spent a lot of time at the library when I was little so these library card Valentines by  The House That Lars Built have a special place in my heart. She was asked whether she has ever gotten picked up in a library and she has not. Neither have I! But, boy wouldn't that be nice! Note to men...start picking up girls in the library. ;) 

If you're like me and have moved a number of times, you may have some long-distance friends you'd like to send some love to. Well, then these retro conversation heart care packages from Brit+Co are perfect! 

These paper tube lipstick Valentines from The House That Lars Built would be great for kids or best buds alike! And, are large enough to tuck a few treats inside.

Pottery Barn teamed up with A Bubbly Life to share this DIY craft. Glass water bottles are painted with a heart (or XOXO) for a fun gift! I've always wanted to try glass painting - the possibilities are endless!

Mr Printables comes up with some pretty genius ideas using paper! Including these heart glasses with pouch. And, we're going old school. No Silhouette or Cricut...just you, some paper, and a pair of scissors. So, you better get started. I have no doubt the result will be well worth it.

I have to admit not all of the projects I have tried from Martha Stewart have come out as planned, but these heart felt coffee cup sleeves would be well worth another try. How cute would it be to give everyone in the office one to use on Valentines Day??!

You'd have to eat a lot of Pringles to make too many of these dynamite Valentines from Sugar & Cloth, but no ones judging. 

I never made "peanut people" as a kid, but I sure want to as an adult! I saw this cute peanut Valentines project from Handmade Charlotte a few years back and have been wanting to make it ever since...it just makes me smile!

Hopefully you have an assortment of pom-poms on hand because you're going to need them for this colorful and quirky pom-pom Valentines card craft from Martha Stewart!

Hope you enjoyed this roundup of Valentines crafts! Do you have any bookmarked projects on your list to share?

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